An array of apps.

Summitas Platform® empowers your clients with a branded portal and solution-specific apps.
Simplicity is the common thread.
Apps can be configured and activated at any time. Here are a few —

Digital Vault

Rely on encryption, cryptographic hashes, obfuscation, and other safeguards in Summitas Digital Vault™ to protect data privacy and integrity. Document revisions, history, audit, metadata search, roles and permissions, and secure sharing simplify workflows and ensure peace of mind.


Boost productivity, reduce costs, and enhance user experience by reviewing and signing agreements in real time, right from your vault. Summitas partners with DocuSign® to deliver best-in-class service.

Secure Sharing

Enhance communication security. Summitas lets you share confidential information outside the portal with the people you choose at the times you specify.

Financial Dashboard

Deliver a holistic summary of client assets through a single sign-on, secure FTP, and API connectors gathering data in the background.


Create color-coded events that only you or selected “virtual office” members can see. Add rich content to make events come alive. Sync inbound, outbound, or bi-directionally with your Google, Outlook, Apple, and other calendars.


Offer a shared contact directory that also shows family relationships, photos, and richer details than consumer contact apps. Users can restrict access to personal contacts.

Content Publishing

Read posted articles with a page-turning viewer. Forums provide threaded venues for discussion and collaboration. Blogs let you share insights and elicit comments.

Activity Wall

Create private social networking for members to post thoughts, photos, videos, and links. The “Wall” is a family favorite but can also be used by firms to exchange ideas and recent news.

Family Trees

Accommodate the modern family with support for multi-marriage, multi-ancestry, individual photos and descriptions, and full pan-and-zoom graphing.

Private Messaging

Ensure privacy and security with always-encrypted intrasite messaging — for one or more recipients, including everyone in the portal or a particular office.

Photo and Video Albums

Securely store photo and video albums with optional sharing, full backup, and support for titles and commentary.

Grant Processing

Facilitate the collection, review, and processing of 501 (c) grants and other awards. Applicants fill in fully customizable forms and upload files attached to their applications. The system tracks and notifies progress.

Other apps include newsfeeds, surveys, resource directories, reservations, “ask the advisor,” and customizable forms.
Added utility for your day-to-day.

Summitas Mobile Access

Designed specifically for Summitas Digital Vault™, enjoy access to your most sensitive information from your iOS mobile devices with custom features, such as offline access and integration with Apple Touch ID®, Face ID®, Photos, Files, and other iOS services.

Enhanced Email Encryption

Summitas Secure Email™ (SSE) adds security to your current email system and protects you from evolving cyberthreats, from malware to impostor email and business email compromise. Summitas, in partnership with Proofpoint®, ensures your email continues to flow even when your server fails.

Summitas is connecting to more of your world every day. Our connector abstractions allow us to build new data flows with leading apps in record time.
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