We aim high.

Our name is Latin for the culminating state.
To reach the pinnacle and deliver solutions at
fair prices, our team is dedicated to listening
and providing world-class service.
We’re vendor neutral.

The technology landscape is complex and specialized. But employing a combination of application-specific portals locks you into the systems that incorporate them and makes managing your client data time-consuming and haphazard.

Designed for compatibility and interoperability, Summitas is the central organizing solution for securely storing and delivering data from any source, without bias, and making it instantly available anytime, anywhere.
We extend your
online presence.

Creating a space that accentuates your identity, brand, and culture is our first concern. We work with you to select and configure apps, apply your logo, choose images and graphics, and employ a color palette, fonts, and layouts that reflect good design.

Your portal will project your vision and energize your mission.
We’re proactive.

With your happiness as our most important metric, your customer success manager will periodically reach out to make sure you’re achieving your objectives.

When you have challenges and opportunities, we strive to address them on the same day.
Who we are.

Summitas was founded in 2007 by a leading American family, Silicon Valley software entrepreneurs, and wealth industry veterans. Today, we serve many of the largest and best-known family offices, multi-family offices, RIAs, and law firms in the world.

With offices in New York City and Charlotte, we’ve won awards in every major category required of portals for client-facing businesses. Our center of gravity is exceptional service and value attendant to the protection of your digital assets, shared content, and client communication.

How can we help?