A single point of presence.
Summitas brings a new level of engagement between families, family offices, and wealth advisors to organize, protect, and share everything digital.
The challenge.

The exponential growth of specialized systems and granular services is increasing operational complexity.

More than ever, professionals and families need timely access to information from many sources. Everything of relevance, whether from the firm or its clients, should be organized, protected, and shared — all from one place.

A single point of presence brings balance.
Our solution.

Created by Silicon Valley veterans,
Summitas Platform® provides a scalable,
secure, and fault-tolerant environment
for branded portals that host solution-
specific apps.

We work with you to ensure your portal
achieves the objectives of your firm
and clients.

Now you can offer immediate access
to multiple content types from separate
applications, locations, and contexts.

With a consistent design and user
experience, everything has its place.
Inbuilt protection.

Strong security and privacy are designed
into software, not bolted on afterward.

Scrutinized by leading data security firms,1
our architecture, algorithms, and infra-
structure have been subject to penetration
tests and technical due diligence by security
experts and Fortune 100 companies.

Our record is spotless.
1British Telecom's BT Counterpane and SunGard Security Services.
Secure sharing.

Summitas lets you share confidential
information within a members-only portal
and securely distribute it outside your
protected space.

Convenient access meets trusted security.
Driving principles.
Privacy and security.

Ensure privacy, share and protect vital information, and create a focal point for client, advisor, and office communication.
Point-and-click simplicity.
Use apps to streamline processes from statement delivery and advisories to financial dashboards and eSignature.
Increased engagement.

Deliver branded portals that extend online identity, convey vision and capabilities, and increase client retention.
Controlled access.

Restrict entry using multifactor authentication, roles, permissions, and cryptography.
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